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Sula is committed to the reduction of carbon emissions and acts towards bringing healthy climate change. This is why our clothing is produced following ethical manufacturing practices, including the use of sustainable fabrics with organic or recycled materials. 


We are working to preserve marine life in the Galapagos by reusing plastic bottles collected along the Ecuadorian coast lands, minimizing the amount of plastic that gets into ocean currents and harms endemic species. We take these plastic bottles and melt down the existing plastic to turn them into a new polyester fiber used for our swimwear and towels.

We are devoted to preserving our mother earth’s resources. That is why we use organic cotton, a natural and biodegradable fiber produced with zero pesticides and 90% of collected rain water. We use this fabric to produce our hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and casual shirts, turning them into durable and fashionable pieces.


The manufacture process is extremely important to us. When we first started our brand, we decided to manufacture our products here in Ecuador, where we could give jobs to an industry predominated by women and contribute to our country’s economy. We want to assure our clients that the people who made their clothes work in safe and ethical conditions.

32.2% (5.7 million people) of Ecuador’s population lives in poverty.

So, if your tag says “Made in Ecuador” you have made a contribution to increase local employment and reduce poverty.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are part of the United Nations resolution agenda for 2030 to achieve a better and more sustainable world for all.

We are proud to carry the following goals in our brand:

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