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Our mission? Well, we are pretty sure you have seen it before, since it is stated in every piece of clothing:“TOGETHER, WE PRESERVE THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS”. You may wonder why we should preserve it? Or why should we do it together, as a society? The answer is pretty simple, the Galapagos is a living laboratory, home for 9,000 species who currently face increasing danger. It is our responsibility to protect these species and prevent their extinction. 

Preserving the Galapagos Islands requires a dedicated and innovative strategy. This is why we decided to sponsor the Galapagos Science Center with 20% of our profits. The Galapagos Science Center (GSC) was created by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador in 2011 to advance science and conservation in the Galapagos.

The GSC has 70 ongoing projects committed to conserve the Galapagos biodiversity, and every Sula purchase contributes to the research, education, and community outreach that the GSC provides in the Galapagos and the wider world!

If you are interested in donating to this organization, please click here:


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